Girls’ Night In!

Last night after our boredom attack we separately had our dinner but met up as soon as possible at Celeen’s condo.

Last night’s agenda was to put on our purchased facial animal masks and watch The Longest Ride.

When we got there, we waited until one nightly television show ended before putting on our masks. While waiting, Eva talked to us and asked for advice about her problems. It was really alarming and I think she is too young to go through those. Hopefully, she gets out of it the soonest!


We were very excited because we had different animal masks. I got a panda, Celeen got a tiger, Nicole got a sheep and Eva got a fox. Putting on the mask was quite a struggle because we were all laughing at each other. The worse part was when we were all in front of the mirror tying to fix each other’s facial masks. They were so cute! The masks had to be stretched out and properly placed on your face so that the design will be seen. Nicole had a hard time placing hers because the mask was too big. Every time she laughed we all laughed and when we laughed the masks moved. It was so hard trying to contain our laughter. The pictures were very funny and it took us a couple of minutes to calm down.

We decided to let the masks dry themselves out on our faces while we watched The Longest Ride. To make the story short, the movie was great. I loved the last part the best when Irah Levinson willed to give the person who buys his wife’s portrait all of their art collection. The main character, Luke Collins,who didn’t have any idea about the portrait’s importance bought it for his girlfriend. He didn’t know he was bound to be millionaire. How surprising!

It was almost 12 am when we finished the movie and we still have row training in the morning. What a day!


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