Bistro Remedios

After review classes yesterday, my family picked me up for dinner. I was in-charge of looking for places to eat so I suggested this place.


Bistro Remedios

Located in Adriatico St. in Manila (steps away from Cafe Adriatico), Bistro Remedios is part of the LJC group/ company of restaurants. It serves Filipino Cuisine and claims to be one of the best. Being in the restaurant felt like being in a typical well-to-do family’s house. It felt like there was a fiesta, there was a trio singing while you dine.

20150712_200900 20150712_200845 20150712_200834 20150712_200803 20150712_200757 20150712_200743 20150712_194114 20150712_193919Β It was a good dining experience even though my mom and I were the only ones who ate rice and the rest ate desserts or panghimagas in Filipino. This restaurant is best for family gatherings and family events.


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