Monday and My Goals This Week

Good morning! It has been a tight weekend for me. The review classes drained my brains out and kept me up for 11 hours. It is really a challenge staying put and holding your attention for that long period of time. Good thing my friends (Kat, Chin, Bia, Nica and Strawbherry) are there with me to keep me sane.

Okay! Goals this week:

  • Hopefully I start today with my 3rd school in Manila, which I haven’t been to formally for a couple of weeks now.
  • Start our weekly meetings in the office for OBB.
  • Determine how training will be after the postponement of the race. Yes, the race was postponed because of the bad weather.
  • Start with another topic with my English class.
  • Survive another weekend of review classes.
  • Update my blog more often.
  • Give more time reading Steinbeck. I miss you John.
  • get through the week with God’s grace!

There. I hope I didn’t miss any. I hope you too write down your goals for the week and slowly reach what you’re trying to attain. Have a good week!


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