Lactose-free Milk and Grace

“For in sport, every person’s thrill of victory comes at the cost of many, many other people’s agony of defeat.” -Rev. Canon Dr. John Ashley Null

As a Christian, I have had countless thoughts of God’s love for me whenever I lose or fail. I ask him why he allowed things to happen that way. For a while, I would sulk and think deeply but as I realize how his grace works in my life, I slowly understand why.

It is a challenge to depend on God’s grace especially now in this fast-paced world. Sometimes, things happen so fast you can’t even keep track. This is where it is completely up to us if we decide to continue loving God or just let things fall into place. Loving God is easy but is ever-challenging. He constantly lets us fall down so that he can show us that He is the only one who can help us up again. He wants us to completely depend on Him.

Have you decided to do this? Can you ask yourself and try to do it today? Of course you can! God is always welcoming you with open arms. You just have to come to Him.

It is Wednesday and I don’t have row training today. Our captain cancelled it yesterday because a lot of us won’t be able to come on our scheduled time slot. to compensate for that, I ran/jogged with my brother this morning. It was approximately 2 kilometers and we finished for only half an hour back and forth. When we got back, I did some core workout and took a bath. Breakfast is what gets me always excited. I love to take my time eating breakfast and today, I drank milk (lactose-free) and coffee. I am full by the time I finished drinking my milk. I have a long day a head of me, two school-visitation this afternoon! I am excited and I think I’m getting the hang of it already.

Have a good day! ❤ eat your breakfast!


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