Lift Others Higher

I believe we all have our firsts. As a teacher, this day marks one of my “firsts” day. An unexpected experience happened today. In one of my Grade 9 sections, I gave them an activity called “Home Sweet Home”. This activity entailed writing down names of people who make them feel at home, people who help them reach their dreams and people they are close to (blood related and not blood related). It was smooth sailing until one of my students went back to his chair and fell silent. At first, I was still talking to others and giving instructions. I saw him and asked him from where I was if he was feeling okay, he nodded yes and so I proceeded. Then I noticed that he was sniffing and he brought out his towel/handkerchief to wipe his face. That was when I approached him and saw that he was crying. The activity made him remember his mom. I asked him why and he told me. At first, I didn’t know what to do but then I remembered that I could encourage him and remind him that there are people who are there for him and who loves him. You wouldn’t expect him to cry because he is one of my jolly students.

I shared about this with Chin. This experience challenged me to act fast and to take time and talk to my student. Hopefully, when another situation like this arises, I will know the best thing to do.


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