Impulsive Decisions Saturday

Just when we thought this day could get any crazier than it already is, we didn’t know we were in for an adventure.

Today was day 4 of review classes and the last day of the majorships or specializations. Yesterday we knew that we were now put under Social Science. But it was only today that we decided to leave Values Education and attend the Social Science class. We reluctantly walked to the Pearl Manila Hotel and entered the venue. We saw that the place was crowded and wasn’t conducive for learning so we went up the next floor. We decided to study as a group instead and so we stayed there and ordered food. We had Filipino food forΒ  merienda or snacks. I got Turon with ube halaya and langka served with Ube ice cream. Katrina got Halo-halo and Chin got Leche Flan. Oh and Bia ordered Fish and chips.Β  We ate and studied but not for long. We started getting sleepy and more hungry and just ended up sharing stories.


After a couple of hours of studying, we went home around 6 pm. Chin dropped us off in Taft and went home. Katrina and I thought about getting our haircut together so we set off to find salons. We ended up in our 3rd stop and choice and by the time we got there we were already starving.

We both didn’t know what to expect but when we were done we saw how short our hair was. So much for crazy decisions! Nonetheless, I feel better cause it feels lighter.Β  So much adventures for today!



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