My week started with a dose of Chin. She came bounding into my condo, early for our weekly OBB meeting. I woke up extra early for her too. I’m glad I did! My day started with loads of laughter and excitement for the rest of the day.

We planned our future activities for our classes. We also agreed on getting a drink from CBTL because every Monday they have a featured drink that only costs 100 bucks.

We bought our drinks and went up to the office. When we arrived, almost everyone was there ( a rare happening). Our two bosses were there and of course Ate Alain and Ate Vanessa. Chin had to go around 11 am so she wasn’t able to go with us when we fitted our Polo shirts. My very first one!!!

I had a spontaneous lunch with one of my friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I was able to ask her how she is and I am glad I spent my lunch time with her.

Although my day started great, it became slightly off towards the end. My class in Recto got cancelled, my students in the other school always gave off a different, unwelcoming aura.

However, when I came home, a steaming hot dish of beef kare-kare  (Filipino food) was waiting for me. Also, I was able to see Nicole after a long time and bond over ice cream with Celeen as well.

I believe things happened today for a reason, they could even be blessings in disguise. Hoping for a great week ahead.


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