Local Edition Coffee and Tea



After my first time going to church on a Wednesday, I walked my way to this coffee shop. I have known about this coffee shop but I didn’t know where to find but now, I finally did.

I love taking walks and if one happens to walk by this cafe, I suggest you try and I tell you it’ll be worth it. The cafe is relatively small. When I entered, I saw a familiar face, someone I know from school but I think she doesn’t know me. Anyway, upon entering the cafe you’ll see the unique lighting and the artworks hung on the wall. On on corner there are merchandise and a book project. This project encourages people to read and to share. You are free to get a book as long as you leave one in return.


I ordered one of their iced teas since I already had coffee this morning ( I can’t have more than 1 cup of coffee a day because I get restless especially at night). The lady recommended me to try their Ruby red iced tea, so I got that and a Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookie.


I took out my book and read while enjoying my drink and cookie. At first, I was shy to take pictures but I couldn’t help it, the place is pretty and quaint. I took the liberty to snap away.



At around 2:30 pm, I left for Roxas high School. I’m definitely coming back for some local Edition Coffee and their pasta!


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