Your Local

Katrina is my college best friend. I fondly call her my bae-ff (bae and bff combined). She is the person who patiently listens to me whenever I feel happy or sad. In short, she is always there for me as I am for her. Last year she and I got heartbroken…haha. But of course we are over that and we focus now on discovering and loving ourselves more.

Kat/ Katrina turned 20 last July 20, 2015. I planned to take her out months before however, it got delayed because of my work. Last night after review classes, after so many interruptions, I took her out for dinner.

Your Local

We both wanted and have heard of this restaurant before. Been dying to try it out, we chose this both for our late celebration. We ended early in class so we had time to freshen up. It was raining so I had to use the GrabTaxi app. Sure enough, our taxi came and the driver was very accommodating. It took us less than an hour (I expected to be caught up in traffic because it was a Saturday) to get to the place. We were an hour early so we stayed and chatted in the coffee shop beside it (tip: there is only a partition that separates the restaurant from the coffee shop so it’s very easy to switch places). At around 7:30pm we went to the front door of the resto. We didn’t want to use the partition because we wanted to feel the ambiance.


I introduced myself and told the waitress that I booked us through the Booky app. Our seats were still taken so we waited. Once we were seated, Kat and I found reasons to laugh our hearts out. We were seated at the bar so we saw the chaos in the kitchen and the barista. We ordered the dishes we wanted to try– Torched Salmon Donburi and Lamb Rendang. Oh, I forgot to mention, Your Local serves Asian cuisine. For starters, I ordered Parmesan Fries for us.


It was good to have someone like Kat to just talk to and enjoy what life has to offer. I find that I am comfortable being myself when I am around her. Maybe this is what they say, that sometimes, you don’t find your soulmate in that other person or the person you’re destined to be with but in a dear friend or your best friend. That is why I call her my Bae-ff!

Our food came with all the fancy presentations and all, but of course we controlled ourselves and took the obligatory pictures. I got the Lamb Rendang and Kat got the Torched Salmon. We tried each other’s dishes and loved it both. The food was good! Good choice to pick this restaurant.

As I paid for the bill, I almost forgot about our free dessert. They gave us Chocolate Earl Grey Pudding! Again, another excellent dish. We were just too full to finish it all.

We went out and we had to walk all the carbs off. The night wasn’t over for both of us. Kat slept over in my place so it entailed a lot of laughter and stories. Good day, good day.


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