Since Kindergarten

Last Monday, a comment in Instagram instantly became a reason to meet with my childhood friend, Alyanna. She posted a picture of the banana-peanut butter- Reese’s brownies she just baked. I saw it and commented if I can have some. From there, we talked about meeting up.

Finally! After my class and after 3-4 years of not seeing each other, I saw her! She picked my up and drove us to Chevy Burger, a local burger restaurant in the city.

Alyanna <3
Alyanna ā¤

Alyanna and I go waaaaaay back. We were first classmates in Kindergarten 2 in First Crayons Learning Center until we finished Prep. In grade school, she transferred to Assumption Antipolo. Back then, I thought I wouldn’t see her again. When I graduated from grade school, my parents transferred me to Assumption Antipolo for Grade 7. I remember riding the school bus and recognizing her face. At first, I was shy to introduce myself but eventually, I had the guts to do so because she was very friendly and funny. Until I finished high school, we were busmates. She was a batch lower than me, so I went to college ahead of her. I went to De La Salle University while until now she’s in Ateneo De Manila University. Our schools are practically archenemies. As schools, we despise everything about each other. But not for us. We laughed about the rivalry between our schools.

We shared stories about our lives, me about my past relationship and her about her present relationship. It was so good to hear, she is doing well and that she is happy with her boyfriend. We talked over burgers from Chevy Burger, the taste was okay. At around 2pm, we left for Katipunan.

However, while we were on the highway, she noticed her car slowly overheating so we stopped in a gas station to have it checked. True enough, the car was overheating and it was pretty serious. After buckets and splatters of water, the gasoline boy suggested that we leave the car behind and just come back for it. That’s what we did. We rode a jeepney and parted ways in the train station.

I am thankful for this day. I am so happy to have seen her after years! Our friendship has now surpassed the said 7 years to call it forever. Thank you Lord!


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