Izakaya Kikufuji

I adore Japanese cuisine. I may even love it more than American food. My brother and I share the same admiration for Japanese food. This is why I decided to take him out for lunch last Wednesday after church.

We took a taxi going to Pasong Tamo. Although it is a few minutes away from Makati, we opted to take cab because of the heat and I still had classes in the afternoon.
We arrived in Little Tokyo and looked for the famous restaurant. Looking at the resto from the outside, you’d think there’s not much people inside but once you enter the place, the buzzing of all the laughter and chatter of the people will welcome you. I didn’t expect it to be that crowded on a week day lunch. But knowing the quality of food and its authenticity, I shouldn’t have wondered anymore. The only available seats for two was located in the smoking area. We took it and when we got to that section, it wasn’t that bad and smoky either. Kids were even seated on the table beside us.


We ordered three of their bestsellers: Spicy Tuna Maki, Gyu Kushi  (grilled beef cubes) and California maki. Based on the reviews I read about this place, these were the ones to try. Also, I even read that they have poor service however for us, it was pretty quick. Our food arrived within 8 minutes and we were done after 20 minutes. Not so bad right? My brother was happy so I was happy too. We got to satisfy our Japanese food cravings and we also got to try a new place! Definitely coming back and taking my whole family with me!


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