Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma is probably one of the books with the most shocking plots I have read. Bia, one of my closest friends, gave me this book like the other one I have read. These kinds of books are my “break books” for when I finish a classic, I opt to read this kind to somehow, give my brain a break.

Anyway, the characters and their relationship with one another made the plot more interesting and twisted in a way. The main characters, sibling Lochan and Maya, are in-charge of taking care of their younger siblings named Kit, Tiffin and Willa. Their parents are separated; the dad being away with another new family and their mother being an alcoholic and barely at home. Lochan and Maya are way past their childhood years and they matured earlier than most teens their age. Household chores and being the guardians of their siblings are part of their daily lives aside from their school and school work. Compared to most of their classmates, they go home straight from school and pick up the younger ones and carry on with the things at home. They developed a deep understanding for one another and treated each other more as friends than brother and sister.

Lochan has difficulty expressing himself in front of other people. He was a bright student and much was expected of him academically because of his consistent grades. Only Maya understands him and accepts hisΒ inability to do so. With Maya, he could be himself and with her he felt comfortable.

For Maya, his older brother was more than a brother. She loved him more than that. Lochan felt the same way. At first they were hesitant and confused with how they felt for each other. They knew that it was illegal and unacceptable. However, they found ways to love each other without their siblings and others knowing.

The day came when they were left alone in the house. Things happened. They didn’t know their lives were about to change. Their mom saw what they did and accused Lochan of sexually abusing his sister. The police took him in and was held in custody. It was explained to him that if the act was consensual, Maya might be taken into prison as well. He couldn’t stand this and so he chose to end his life instead.

Maya was devastated. The kids weren’t used to not seeing Lochan. Their mom didn’t bother to come. Maya even considered to end her life as well thinking she couldn’t live without Lochan. But when Willa came to her, she realized Lochan wanted her to stay and be with the kids. And so she did.

Even Chin and Bia read the end with me. A good book to read, you just have to prepare yourself with the plot! πŸ™‚


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