Milky Moustache

Review classes drained our brains out so Chin and I decided to try this new restaurant in Archers near our school. Our previous plans got postponed so we were very glad it finally came true!

Milky Moustache

Milky Moustache
The Mario and English Moustache

This cute restaurant is located in the condominium beside school. Originally in Aguirre, they boast of their milkshakes but they also serve food. Chin really loved their cookies and cream milkshake. She was wondering why it wasn’t one of their bestsellers. I ordered one of their bestsellers, the Kitkat milkshake. It was very good! I can still chew bits of KitKat too!

photo from Chin
photo from Chin

I think the thing that made this more memorable was our heart to heart conversation. These are the days I look forward to, the days I feel very blessed to have lovely people surrounding me. I am very grateful to have the greatest friends and to try the best milkshake in Taft!

Tryna be artsy with Chin
Tryna be artsy with Chin

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