Mr. Pizza

This week is rest week for me and Chin! The children are having their periodicals which means no class meetings for us. However, we both have another job so we still go to work. Nevertheless, this is rest enough for us.

We decided to get our pictures taken together for when we apply to take the Licensure Exam. We headed to Robinsons Manila after Chin’s classes and went around. At first, we couldn’t control ourselves from going into clothing shops. In every shop we went to we always found something nice to buy, but we were able to control ourselves from spending 😉 after a number of shops we decided to get our pictures taken. In no less than 5 minutes we were done. All we had to do was wait for it. This was when we ate dinner! The one we saw in booky was again closed so we tried Mr. PIZZA instead.

Mr. Pizza

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Chin and I were very excited to eat because the restaurant hyped us up. The videos were all about the competitions the chefs joined to be the No. 1 pizza in Korea! Also, there were exhibitions showing their skill in kneading the dough. When you enter, the staff would should “On Air!” At first we tried to guess what it is. After laughing and guessing, we ended up asking our server. That was when we found out it was On Air and that meant “Welcome” “Ready to serve” “love” etc. stuff we found unrelated to the phrase.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

We ordered one of their bestseller premium pizza, Potato Gold with their recommended crust– Gold (sweet potato). We also got their oven baked spaghetti and their coolers (Hallabong and Citron).

Within 15 mins our food came and it met our expectations especially the pizza! It was even beyond what we expected. We are definitely coming back! This was our first date and our celebratory dinner because we are now working girls!

What a good day with Chin. Looking forward to more days like this.


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