Lizzy Latte

I woke up extra early today, Wednesday, to go to Makati with my aunt. My team doesn’t have trainings this month on Wednesdays so my mornings are free. We had a hard time hailing a cab but after being patient and waiting for a couple of minutes, we were able to ride one.

Lizzy Latte


We got there early, almost as soon as the cafe opened. We were the only ones there when we ate. My aunt has been here twice but it was my first time. Of course, I tried their latte, the Blueberry Latte. Just like the wall art, their lattes have a delicious twist. My aunt on the other hand, ordered their vanilla latte. We also got sandwiches for breakfast.


I enjoyed today’s breakfast date because we were able to share stories and I was able to know a lot about her work.

She decided to go to work, which is across the cafe, around 9 am. That was when I had time alone with my book and the constant water refills care of the kind batista. However, it rained hard for at least an hour and a half. I panicked because I might not be able to walk to Rada st. Which is a few blocks away. Luckily, the rain stopped. I am now in my aunt’s office waiting for the right time to walk to church. After the service I will go back to Manila and prepare for my afternoon classes. Have a great day! 🙂


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