Pino Resto & Bar and Pipino

Today, I really had a great time with my parents. I kept on laughing at my dad and at his jokes. My laughter was equivalent to five people according to him. I can’t help not to because my dad has always been very funny. It took us quite a long time to get to Quezon City.

Pino Resto & Bar and Pipino

After my father’s visit to the Claretian Bookstore, we went to Malingap St. to have our dinner. I have heard about Pino from my friends and have seen it in Booky.


Pino serves Filipino food while Pipino (also by Pino) serves vegan food. Pipino is a Tagalog word which means cucumber in English. We were the only ones there when we arrived. It started to rain minutes after we ordered our food, just in time! We ordered from both menus…does that make us omnivores? (kidding). We had Sisig Tacos for starters, which is one of their bestsellers. I loved its spicyness, or maybe because I put Tabasco, but still it was good.

Sisig Tacos
Sisig Tacos from Pino

My mom and I ordered pasta while my dad ordered chicken.

Vegan Lasagna
(No Cheese) Vegan Lasagna by Pipino (mine)
Vegan Puttanesca from Pipino (Mom’s)

I wasn’t able to take a picture of my dad’s food but he had Chicken Inasal with Rice. After finishing our dinner plates, my mom suggested we get desserts! We ordered a slice of their Dulce de Leche Cheesecake and my dad got their cup of Colombie Supremo coffee.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

It wasn’t raining at all when we left and we got to the train station right away. They dropped me off and we parted ways, me to Taft and my parents to Booksale. Thank you Lord for my loving parents!


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