Ice Skating, Burgers and Fun

Last August 18, 2015 some of my teammates and I went to SM Mall of Asia to go Ice skating. One of our teammates and the current Women’s Team Co-captain, Jade, knew how to skate so we knew we were in safe hands.

Ready to skate!
Ready to skate!

There were a lot of procedures before you can actually go and skate. We chose to skate for an hour. Jade said, we can extend as long as no one will call us. After putting out belongings in the locker and claiming our skates, we headed to the rink. As noobs, we stayed for a time at the sides, holding on to the railings for dear life. After a couple of minutes, Camille and I started to go to the middle and tried to balance ourselves. Jonathan and Sofie were left with Jade at the sides while we slowly made our way to the other side. We had so much fun, especially cause we had a GoPro with us to document every moment. Good thing, none of us slipped just yet.


After a while, Gio, Steph and her sister Sam came and joined us in the rink. We were trying to get a picture taken, but Steph won’t let go of the railings, it was funny and scary at the same time knowing that when one slips, all of us could slip too.


At around 6:30 pm, we left the rink and ate dinner. We chose to eat in 8 cuts, a relatively new burger chain. They had a lot of gourmet burgers and plenty of sides to choose from. Each of us ordered our gourmet burgers while Jonathan constructed his own. It was a good dining experience, and we all loved the burgers we ordered.


After dinner, we had this crazy idea of riding some amusement rides by the bay. We first rode the Pirate Ship. It moved from side to side and during that time we were the only ones aboard the ship. I couldn’t help from laughing during the ride because of everyone’s reactions. After that ride, we stopped for a second one in a ride called Magic. It looked like discs spinning and spinning. From afar, it looked really dizzying. True enough, it was. It was much more intense than our first ride. For this one, i was the one holding the GoPro. I had so much fun turning the camera around to face Camille and Sofie also Jade and the others in the other cart. After that ride, some of us had to throw up. Bye, gourmet burgers!

All of us agreed to have more adventures together, and our next trip was already planned out. Can’t wait for the next one!


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