Author: Rainbow Rowell

Date Started: 08/21/15

Date Finished: 08/23/15

I have seen this book in bookstores and at first, I was reluctant to read it because it might just be another cliche story about love. I was wrong. I judged it by its cover, and I know I shouldn’t do that. This story was exciting to read. I was on the edge of my seat all the while waiting for the things to take place. Basically, the main guy in the story, fell in love with the girl just by reading her conversations with another office mate. The guy and the girl were completely opposites of each other. The guy was the shy type while the girl was loud and out there. Pursuing the girl was impossible for the guy since they don’t see each other. Eventually, the guy got around to waiting on the girl and finally saying how he felt about her. It’s all what you hope would happen to you..if you’re a hopeless romantic. The story made me believe that there is really someone for you in this world. Good read! I’m glad I read it!


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