Backyard Kitchen + Brew and Rita’s Italian Ice

Celeen, Nicole and I finally reunited yesterday! It was kind of spontaneous and just as always, it was a great experience with my girls.

Celeen asked us to accompany her to Katipunan (enemy grounds) to buy shoes as a gift for her boyfriend. It was a draining almost-3-hour drive to Quezon City from Manila. We left past 4pm and got there around 7 pm. The location of the store stated in the website was in a building across Ateneo but when we got there, IT WASN’T THERE ANYMORE!!! We had to walk to where there was a jeep to UP Town Center (where the store is now located).

We got there safe and sound and headed to buy them shoes! We were already starving so right after we got the shoes, we ate dinner! Celeen suggested we try this restaurant, Backyard Kitchen + Brew and for desserts after, Rita’s Italian Ice.

Backyard Kitchen + Brew

Backyard MNL
Backyard Kitchen + Brew

Celeen has already been here before and so she wanted us to try it. Nicole and I ordered the same thing except I had my chicken with Ciabatta bread and she had rice.

Waffle-breaded Chicken
Waffle-breaded Chicken

The food was good I must say! I want to try their other bestsellers next time!

Rita’s Italian Ice


For desserts, we had Rita’s! This was part of my Must Try list. Sadly, they didn’t have flavor I wanted to try, so I settled for a Blendini. only Celeen and I tried it though, because Nicole was sick. We weren’t able to finish it but it was good!

I missed my girls so much and our spontaneous dates just like this. πŸ™‚


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