Just got LET!

I woke up bright and early on a Sunday to prepare for the dreaded Licensure Examinations for Teachers. My mom prepared me breakfast, something she haven’t done for me for a while now, and I loved it! My family went with me to the testing venue. Them being there made me feel more comfortable and less agitated. There was a little confusion because we didn’t know there were two big buildings. Luckily, my brother walked with me all the way to the other building and I got in in time. Once I got to the room and found a seat, I realized it was hot. My jacket was useless. So i had to fan myself all throughout the exam.

8 am came and the test started. The first part of the test really killed me. The subject was General Education. For me it was the hardest of the three. If it wasn’t for the breaks that gave us a time out, I would’ve lost my mind. Talking to Chin also helped me keep my mind off the nervousness I felt. I’m glad we went through it together despite a whole floor in between and rooms across us.

The test was really a challenge for both of us but we leave it all to God’s care. I know God will give us what we deserve and it all depends on his will.

We walked over to a mall beside the school and went around. We bought matching shirts too!

Chin and I
Chin and I with our shirts

Chin’s boyfriend, Robbie, picked us up and we had dinner altogether. We went to Greenhills Shopping Center and found a place to eat. At first it was very hard to choose, it was a Sunday and there were a lot of people. But we found what we were craving for and aching to try some time now.

8 Cuts

There is this group of friends with some of the most gorgeous girls in the country. No kidding, they are really beautiful! Anyway, so this is their favorite burger place. Of course, Chin and I as some of their fans, we really wanted to eat there together. We were so lucky to find one branch there! I ordered the Lucky One, Chin ordered a Four-cheese burger and Robbie got a Boss burger (he made his own!).

The Lucky One
The Lucky One
Our burgers!
Our burgers!

WE really had a great time, we liked our food too! Now we know why the Love Club loves this place. Before heading home, we went to a place to hang out for a bit and headed home.

I am happy I got this day done in one piece. I’m happy I got through the exam too. But I pray and will continue to do so until the results come. I really pray the it is in God’s will that I pass this test.


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