Erra’s Vest Ramen + EAT. Cafe

I didn’t have my weekly class in Manila Science because it was Teacher’s Day. Celeen asked Nicole and I if we can go out for a night of studying. I’m always up for an adventure so I said yes. I also needed time to do my lesson plan for the coming week in CBS. We met up after going the Dragonboat Recruitment Booth. It was already late when Celeen realized that she was coding. Monday… all cars with plate numbers that ends with 1 and 2 are not allowed. Nicole was the one who realized it! Anyway, so funny story, we decided to stay close in the area because we were coding. When we were already along Roxas Boulevard, there were two policemen in the middle of the road. When Nicole and I saw them, we panicked and hid. We were shouting, thinking that if we hid the car wouldn’t be seen. Celeen panicked and couldn’t do anything because she was the one driving. For a while we were laughing our hearts out. We left her alone. Good thing the policemen were talking to each other, too busy to notice us. Whew! So funny!

Erra’s Vest Ramen

Once we were parked near the Starbucks in front of the U.S. Embassy, we went in Starbucks to find a place. Then we figured, we haven’t eaten dinner yet and it would be very expensive to just stay there the whole night. So Celeen thought about walking to the infamous ramen place in Malate. It wasn’t that far but the streets of Manila made it more sketchy to walk through especially since we were girls. But we made it! We found it!

Erra’s Ramen served 90 pesos worth of ramen. You just have to add 10 pesos or so if you want egg or extra meat etc. It was very “sulit”. We got our money’s worth of ramen! Good thing we decided to try them out!

Erra's Vest Ramen
Erra’s Vest Ramen

EAT. Cafe at V Hotel

Eat Cafe
Eat Cafe

After our cheap Japanese dinner, I recognized the hotel across and invited them to study there instead. I remember reading in one of the booky blogs, that V hotel had a cafe. Voila! EAT. Cafe! When we got to the cafe, we were surprised to see that it was empty and we had it all to ourselves! The place was very cozy. They baked their own goods too! We got a pot of tea and proceeded with our work. We have yet to try their different goodies when we go back next time!


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