Crazy Rich Asians

Author: Kevin Kwan

Date Started: 09/29/15

Date Finished: 10/10/15

Strange! I find it very addicting to read! My exact words in my book journal is that “…it makes me want to be crazy rich!” The story is mostly set in Singapore, where Nick Young’s parents live. However, Nick has been living with his girlfriend, Rachel Chu, in New York as college professors. His idea of bringing his girlfriend with him to his bestfriend’s wedding was good in its intentions. However, this idea of vacation turned into so much more considering Rachel might be Nick’s wife. Everyone in Nick’s social circle tried to get Rachel off back to New York, since Nick is a very suitable and prominent bachelor. A battle of old money and climbing up the social circle. It is quite interesting and surprising that there are really people who could be living this way in different parts of the world, in terms of wealth and family upbringing of course! Absolutely crazy!


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