Sen Lek Thai Noodle Express and Outré 

On Friday the 13th (I don’t believe in it tho) the team went out to the South to console with the death of one of our newbie’s mom. In times like this, you could always expect us to be there for one another. We always take time to be with the family and extend our comfort. 

We arrived past 7pm and stayed for the mass. After the mass, the boys and we, the girls, parted ways to our separate plans. We planned to eat dinner somewhere in Aguirre while the boys had something else in mind. On our way to finding a place to eat, we spotted a Thai restaurant and decided right there and then to have our dinner there. 

Sen Lek Thai Noodle Express


Sen Lek
Sen Lek’s Phad Thai and Thai Iced Tea
We all ordered Phad Thai (except for Sofie who tried Phad See-uw) and Thai iced teas. Fortunately, we all enjoyed our dinner plus the baby boy from the other table. After dinner we decided to get ice cream in the area too. 




After a few twists and turns on the way, we found Outré!!


I have heard about this place from my friends and I have been dying to try their gelato! liquid Nitrogen gelato to be exact. 

ice cream groupies
 I tried Pista-chu while the rest of the girls tried Dulce de Leche and Milo Dinosaur. We thought the serving would be small only but when we got our orders, we struggled to finish the whole cup. Of course, a lot of pictures were taken and laughter too, was unlimited. 

The ride home was as fun as the food trip as well, we tumbled over laughter and felt air in our tummies. Whenever I’m with this bunch, I know I won’t go home sad and lonely.  



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