November Boys

In my college barkada or group of friends (specifically my blockmates), three of the boys celebrate their birthdays on November. So, to be able to see one another, the boys invited us to have dinner to celebrate their birthday. The place was to be in Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza in Serendra, Taguig. 
From my house in Antipolo, I took an FX from the terminal to Ayala. I got off at Buting, crossed to the other side and took a jeep to Market Market!. I got down at Market Market! and walked over to Serendra. 
I texted Franco and Enzo, who were there since 3 pm, and asked where they were at. They were in the middle of High Street, so it took some time for me to get there. I found them in Happy Lemon and we stayed there for an hour or so till we walked to the restaurant.
Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

  Good thing, the boys already reserved a table for us. It was only at 7 pm when they arrived. Once the food was on the table, we dug in. 

 Biance Verde 

Bacon Gouda

    Buffalo Chicken 

The pizzas were gone very fast haha! All of us were hungry because of the waiting. We thought of getting another plate of pizza but nah, didn’t want to burden the boys. We got ice cream afterwards and stayed in Agave Mexican Cantina. 


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