In the Lonely Hour: Sam Smith in Manila!

This concert featuring Sam Smith was originally scheduled on May 2015. However, he got sick and so the concert was postponed. After a few months and a few more heartbreaks, he finally came to sing for us!!!

A lot of my friends watched the concert. While making our way to the upper box, a saw familiar faces (almost all from DLSU). Just like before, I was with Chel and her sister Michelle. We were hoping the seat beside me would be empty but a girl came because we were supposed to ask Gio to come sit with us because he was alone. 

After around an hour of waiting, a black curtain covered the stage and the band started playing. From our seats, we saw Sam Smith making his way to the front of the stage. Ahhhh!!!! Can’t control myself from screaming! He was here and I saw him with my own eyes, even if he was so tiny. 

It was a good thing that his songs were easy to sing along to and not to mention, truly relatable (most especially for the broken-hearted). I really had a good time and I believe he is really an amazing singer and songwriter. 

Another factor that made this concert a memorable one is because I was able to see my blockmates too! A mini reunion for us!


(L-R) Bia, Chel, me, Chin (c) Bia Wong

with Nico (c) Bia Wong
You were wonderful Sam! thank you! But also, thank you Lord for this ❤️


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