Fire in the Hole (mini celebration) 

This day was fun-filled. As usual I was with Celeen and Nicole. This time we headed to Centiry City Mall to get a case for Celeen’s new phone. She just got a new phone, an Iphone6s. She was too scared she might drop it that was why it was only during that time she opened the packaging or box. 

‘To clearer snaps’ hahaha that was what we teased her. So we thought maybe this get-together could be a celebration for her new phone. 

Fire in the Hole @ Hole in the Wall


Thai Red Curry with Pork

This new pop-up in Hole in the Wall is from Wrong Ramen. Unlike other stalls, it will only be available until December only. Celeen loves spicy food and so downhill was why we tried this. The spicyness level of mine was just mild while Celeen’s was medium. Nicole is not a fan of spicy food so she got from Posporo. 

Oh, another memorable day with my girls. 💞


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