The Wind in the Willows

Author: Kenneth Grahame

Date started: 01/30/2016

Date finished: 02/01/2016

It was chance that I came upon this book in our favorite book sale. I got it for only a little over a hundred bucks, what a steal! I started reading it by the time I got home and I prepared myself to be absorbed by yet another biggie. It turned out, this was an easy read. I hoped I read this when I was younger because while reading it, I learned a lot of lessons from the adventures of the four friends. The mole who, after cleaning his house, wandered about and met the poetic Water Rat. They spent a lot of time together before they ventured out the Wild Woods and arrived at the brave Badger’s doorstep. Here the three caught up and talked about saving the vain Toad of Toad Hall from his impulsive decisions. In an effort of helping their friend out, the three talked down the Toad. However, he got away, committed a crime, got out of prison and so on. In his absence, the Toad Hall was occupied by other wild wooders. The four were able to win back the Toad Hall after going through a secret tunnel and scared off the other animals. It is a story of friendship, the highs and lows that come with it and the joy of coming home to familiarity. 


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