Robinson Crusoe

Author: Daniel Defoe Date Started: March 28, 2017 Date Finished: April 21, 2017 The onset of the story was a little like Gulliver’s Travels (or should I say Gulliver’s Travels was like this one?). Although voyages and shipwrecks are not my thing, I genuinely had a great time reading this book for the main reason … More Robinson Crusoe

At the Crossroads

My devotion for today let me realize that God is in total control of our lives. Every step we take, he has a plan for it. Every stop, also has a reason. Therefore, when we are presented with a choice or when we stand at a crossroad, whatever we choose, there is a reason behind … More At the Crossroads


Gratitude. My devotional hits the right spot always. Today, I am reminded to be grateful, to give thanks in all ways all the time. It is true that we often forget to thank the Lord whenever something good has happened to us. It is a busy world right? But this is one we shouldn’t forget.  … More 11242015